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Destruction in Vilnius. The completely burnt down wealthy quarter in Vilnius.

Machin guns nest on the coast of Flandria.

Turkish successor to the throne with his staff on an inspection tour in Gallipoli.

The remains of the city of Brest-Litovsk. Before the fire city counted 56000 residents, now it's completely deserted.

Bridge building by Germans in enemy country from trunks and rafts, which were fished out by the Russians from Narev river.

German machine gun unit in the west, armed with the captured Russian machine guns.

Russian 28 cm gun, captured by Germans.

Shopping street in the conquered Bialystock.

Warsaw under German management: Praga suburb is seen on the opposite bank of Vistula.

Returned Russian refugees search for salt and other stuff in the debris of the burnt down Colonial Goods shop.

The conqueror of Kragujevac (Serbia), general von Gallwitz with his staff on the southeast theater of war.

Care about disabled. Professor Dr. Höftmann of the Hindenburg's house in Königsberg with a disabled veteran, who can now comfortably use knife and fork.

Ochrana coffee house in Belgrade, where the murderers of the Austrian successor to the throne plotted their conspiracy plans.

After the rats hunt.

Englishmen sunk French. Small boats in the harbor of Pont-l'Everque on Oise.

German direct hit in the Konak: King Peter of Serbia observes devastation in the throne room.

Former French submarine "Turquoise" which was captured by the Turks and now serves as "Mustedjb oubaschi" in Turkish service.

Idyl of the railway troops in Jagodina (Serbia).

Effect of the German artillery fire in a factory building which Russians defended up to the last moment.

Kovno under German management: view of the city with the new bridge, constructed by German military engineers.

Russian hospital train with its personnel.

Russian refugees before the remains of their home, which was plundered by Cossacks.

Hurray! The first Christmas parcels are there!

Life and activity in the big international prison camp Königsbrück.

German Kaiser with Austrian troops near Strypa.

Engine on thw wheels which Russians used in their retreat.

The last place of rest in the Serbian mountains, far from the native country.

Advance of Bulgarians in Serbia. Bulgarian artillery column pulls through a Serbian village.

Funeral of the General von Emmich in Hannover. Prayer on the grave.

West. Bringing in wounded French.

Fast building of the bridge for the heavy guns accross a forest marsh in the west.

Visit of archduke Friedrich of Austria to the German South army, accompanied by the Graf von Bothmer (X).

The great War Council of our enemies: Italian general Porro (1), English fieldmarshal French (@), Generalissimus Joffre (3), Russian general Glinsky (4), Serbian colonel Stefanivich (5)

Returning to the trenches after Christmas vacation.

Austrian-Hungarian aArtillery train in the Montenegro mountains.

Machine gun is in position, rifle stand on the left.

German war exhibit in Berlin in which airoplanes, cars and captured trophies are shown.

Field hospital near the front line. Treatment of the wounded.

Bulgarian baggage servants and drivers rest on a street in Lescovac (Serbia).

Construction of soldiers shelters on the eastern war theater.

Flanders. German guard mount in Thielt.

Taking of Cetinje (Montenegro) by the Austrians. The castle of King Nikitas on the background.

Montenegro theater of war. Austrian artillerymen having lunch.

The victorious Austrian Army commander, general of the cavalry von Kövess with his staff.

Preparations to the kaiser birthday celebration on the front. Beer from the native country being unloaded.

Naval pilot's school near Kiel. Sailors bringing a seaplane on the pier.

Czar Ferdinand of Bulgara with his both sons and his generals.

Montenegrian theater of war. weapon examination in the Montenegro army.

The German heroic grave in the dunes, faced with sandbags to protect it from hostile shells.

Eastern Golician theater of war. A gun in the forward position.

Serbians buried this howitzer battery which was later dug out by the Austrians.

Serbian guns captured during the fight for Mitrovica. In the background evacuation of prisoners.

Montenegrian theater of war. Horse column on the main street of Cetinje.

Winter scene on the eastern front. Roasting of the bread on the open fire to make it tastier.

Battle of Czernowitz. The burning village on the front line. Few belongings being taken out in haste

Mood picture from Egypt: sundown with Cairo pyramids.

German coastal defence on the shore of the North Sea.

Submarine on a patrol.

Mood picture of the Aisne canal (France). On the left the infamous sugar factory "Candi" around which incredibly bloody fights have taken place.

New gun of the Austrian mountain troops in Tara (Albania).

The international life and activity at the big market in Uesküb (Makedonia).

Isonzo front. Destroyed church and houses in Görz.

Our enemies. Wire entanglements before the English and French positions near Saloniki.

The most successful German airman, second lieutenant Immelmann and his Focker airplane, with which he recently shot his ninth hostile airplane.

Life and activity in Albanian suburb Ueskübs, where German troops are billeted.

Presentation of an Austrian-Hungarian howitzer batetry to the Turkish minister of war Enver Pascha and officer's of general staff in Constantinople

British POWs, captured during the last battles near Ypern.

Our soldiers cleaning snow in Russia.

Parade of an infantry machine gun company in Weduyne, on the coast of Flandria.

The officers of S.M.S. "Move". Korv. Captain Burggraf (X) and Graf zu Dohna-Schlodin.

To the resignation of the Admiral of the Fleet v. Tirpitz: Admiral von Capelle, the successor(left); Admiral of the Fleet von Tirpitz (right).

Unloading of the rope ferry on the river Drin in Albania.

Second lieutenant Hans Berg (below left) and sailors of "Mowe" in Newport News, after they had brought "Appam" with prisoners of war to the harbour.

Field marshal von Hindenburg on a journey in the "panje" horse sledges.

Plasschendaele in Flanders. Destroyed castle of the baroness Vaughan.

Horse shelters in the woods near Düna.

The king of Saxony (X) on the hunt in the east in the Bialowies forest, poses near the shot bison.

Capital city. Mobile kitchen on the streets of Berlin.

Verdun battle. French POWs are transported out by train.

Centennial of the Garde-Feldart.-Regts. Regimental parade before His Excellency Freih.von Plettenberg and Prince Eitel Friedrich.

Training of Zeppelin teams in the school ship Hanse.

Medical company on the march in Champagne.

Astrian-Hungarian artillery during the successful Russian offensive.

German soldiers collect pass money on the new German bridge in Grodno.

Cavalry patrol in France.

War wedding of the prince Friedrich Sigismund von Preussen with princess Marie-Luise zu Schaumburg-Lippe.

Turkish sultan returns from Selamlik.

Mood picture of the Aisne (Northern France).

Short rest and lunch of Bulgarian infantry on their way through Albania.

The uprising of the Sinn-Fein in Ireland. The Connel's bridge in the city of Dublin where the most violent fight has taken place.

Underground ammunition depot. Shells are lifted by pulley on thecarts and then delivered to the guns.

How Germany treats its prisoners. Officer's prison camp in Mainz.

Mood picture of the Baltic coast.

H.M. Kaiser Wilhelm II met with soldiers, who especially distinguished themselves in the last battles in the west.

Field marshal von Hindenburg with his staff. Lieutenant general Ludendorf (1), lieutenant-colonel Hoffmann (2).

Destroyed city of Rethel (France). with the cathedral on background.

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