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UKRAINE: Artist Yury Zhuravel






Sky Hundred





Russia: Artist Vitaly Podvitsky


Uncle Sam to Ukranian Primier Yatsenuk: "Get up!"

Motherland is where it's warm

Hey, your books never mentioned Bear.

Ukraine minus Crimea


Get down, give us space for this flag again

Welcome to Crimea. Feel yourselves at home

No exchange or return


Ukranian Prime-Minister Yatsenuk: "What if we send both at once?" Turchinov (Temporary President): No, one comes first, and then comes second.


Crimea: "Dear, think about me whatever you want, but I am leaving you for my ex".

Look, I haven't moved anything yet, but they are already in ecstasy

Secret Plan of Eurointegration for Ukraine

Chodorkovsky to Maidan fighters: "I believe it will be the same in Russia.

Well, son, how did those westerners help you?

We've got our victory, and you've got your zoo.

You won! And all of this... Is yours!

In the last years only five first maidans were successful. Can you remind me, what we didn't have back in 2014?

Welcome to Europe


Gazporm to Ukraine: "How about that (European gas prices)"?